08/07/12: On a bouji roof terrace, high above the less glamorous streets of Brixton, only the hardcore Hustlers huddled by the sheltered bar at Brixton Club House to continue the party. And while, as feared, Mother Nature proceeded to piss on our parade, that didn’t stop us from reclining in beach-style comfort.

    And rain was pretty much the last thing on our mind when the Hustlaball porn stars reigned over the hot tub! Bruno Knight and Chris Gomm, (with the aide of HRH Minty) went diving fully clothed, and head-first, into the jacuzzi; as part of the Prowler swimwear show that left them wetter than the decking.

    It’s just as well we were hungry for house (and not hash-browns), because the sounds of Tony English and Alessandro Londra kept us on the podium long past breakfast! And with no daylight permitted in the main room, we had no idea how late it’d got until we emerged into the lunch time light, just in time for midday mass (bitch, please).

    Brixton Club House, 467-469 Brixton Road, SW9 8HL
    Words by Anthony Gilet
    Photos by Mark Storey