K30: The Kylie Locomotion

30/09/17: Everyone loves Kylie! Well, except possibly Dannii. Anyway WE love Kylie, which is why we all went down to Eagle’s Kylie night on Saturday. Team QX were out in full force! Which is quite rare, usually at least one of us is hungover or in Sitges or on a bare mattress in a basement somewhere. But no, we all turned out to hear the Kylie hits! Kylie is possibly the ONLY artist you can listen to for hours on end and not get sick of. The Eagle was packed to the rafters and good vibes were in the air and everyone was feeling the love and the…LOCOMOTION! Also, massive props to the lovely Eagle team – so friendly and efficient! Amaze!

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY

Photos by [HAWT!]Photography


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