Ku Klub

23/12/16: Khristmas eve at Ku Klub was a scrumptious ball,

There were holiday goers and feather boas worn by all,

In Soho town every frown was turned upside down,

Lady Lloyd was so happy, she looked like a clown!


She DJd the Christmas vibe through that cold winter night,

And every twink was so relaxed they were no longer tight!

The bar boys were so hot I nearly caught fire,

The drinks were so cheap I called them all liars!

While in the basement of the Klub I for real found love,

I was so drunk on Rihanna, I fell asleep in the tub!

But what I did ask after that Santa Saintly rave,

Is Who Is Tom Fox? And why is he so brave?

To play to ravers so cray for Mariah and for Lopez,

That all I could shout was Happy Freaking CHRISTMAASSSS!!


30 Lisle Street, Chinatown, WC2H 7BA

Photos & Poem by Victor Hensel-Coe