01/05/11: Having spent the Easter Bank Holiday shackled to one’s desk, like a princess in a towerblock, it was good to finally let down the old weave and celebrate our royal family’s oh-so-special weekend (I’d curtsey but the terms of my bail forbid me from bending over in public places. Especially King’s Cross!)

    But forget God Save The Queen, Jim Warboy presents a much more pressing matter – God Save our SCENE! Shimmying into Central London from their usual Shoreditch dwelling, the SOS crew brought a barrage of top DJ talent such as Punks Jump Up, Jodie Harsh, Kris Di Angelis, Tasty Tim and, of course, Warboy himself. One of our favourite turns, Scottee, brought down the house room with a suitably salacious performance, plus more treats for the eyes came from a fashion show and ‘Til’ Death Us Do Party’ installation. Thankfully they brought along the fashionistas, club kids, party monsters and skinny-jeaned lovelies over with them, too – probably just to make me feel old. Bastards. A delicious way to end the weekend – and even better when you live ’round the corner. Drunkedly shouting, “If you lived here you’d be home by now” to other partygoers is a real way to meet friends and influence people.

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    Egg, 200 York Way, Kings Cross, N7 9AX
    Words by Lee Dalloway
    Photos by Marc Abe