Super Friday @ The Glory

09/06/17: The Glory didn’t just have Haggerston shook on Friday night, they had it SHOOKETH! Yes! And if you don’t know what “shooketh” means, it’s millennial speak. Yes we’re millenials, and yes we’re running a magazine. SEE, WE CAN DO THINGS. Talking of millenials doing things, The Glory’s special guest on Friday night was the epically-named and even more epically-wigged Frieda Slaves, serving a steaming plate of sociopolitically challenging drag madness. Fashion fave and QX columnist Princess Julia was on the decks, playing all the hits and no shit. We love the fact that The Glory still haven’t taken down the decorations for their Hungama Indian Wedding event they had weeks ago. Leaving decorations up is their favourite thing to do. There’s still Easter stuff kicking around from Easter 2016. We thought there was a Christmas decoration still left in the toilet, but it turns out it was Sue Gives A Fuck dressed as Florence Welch.

281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by Luxxxer

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