XXL – burly boys kicked off their weekly bearish scrum.


01/04/17: This was no joke! On that 1st of April, the burly boys of XXL kicked off their weekly bearish scrum under those welcoming arches at the Pulse. The theme this week was, as you may have guessed: Rugby! And the rugger buggers were queuing up to shake their meaty tushes on the packed dance floors. What a sight to behold! Pagano was back at the decks of the main floor alongside resident DJs Alex Logan and Paul Morrell, with a varied and highly danceable selection of electronica, while Joe Egg and David Robson were at their usual position, rocking the smaller room with their cheeky mix of pop and R&B. As you would expect, the atmosphere was euphoric. All we can say, channeling all the butchness we can muster, is that the try was most certainly converted!

Pulse Nightclub, 1 Invicta Plaza, SE1 9UF

Words by Nicolas Chinardet

Photos by Zefrographica