05/04/12: Do my ears look big in this? There were buff bunnies hopping all around Ku Bar for Easter, and by this of course I mean the super hot Ku bar staff, wearing nothing but a white collar, black bowtie and a thong!

Who said Playboy bunnies had to be girls? (Ok, I am lying about the thong but a boy can dream!) So, off I went on my Easter hunt tracking down those wascally wabbits – I mean super-fine bar boys – so I could flash at them… with my camera, that is.

After all that excitement I propped myself up against the bar, between two hot punters, to cool myself off with a pint (so butch) before turning my lens onto the crowd. (And there I go steaming up again!) The place was ram-packed with plenty of cuties for this lusting snapper to pap at. Another awesome night at Ku, and the perfect way to kick-start any weekend!

Ku Bar Lisle Street at 30 Lisle Street, Leicester Square, WC2
Words and photos by Joel Ryder

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