04/09/10: In this job, it’s rare we get to take a break from the twinky sohoites, Shoreditch fashionistas and gurning Vauxhall muscleboys… immersing yourself in these scenes is all part of the fag rag territory, duckies. But now for something completely different as we head down to Camberwell and lounge in the gorgeous surroundings of the Cambria. Let’s not beat around the bush here – we LOVE this bar! Featuring an eclectic mix of intelligent and interesting homos who can’t easily be pigeonholed into those ‘gay stereotypes’ some feel the need to aspire to, the mingling of gays and straights is effortless. Everyone’s a local here – but in a welcoming way rather than the suspicious, inbred vibe of The League of Gentlemen.

    Tonight, the diva was definitely in, as the sublime Miss Kimberly rocked the sexy new upstairs with a couple of show-stopping numbers and a new blonde riah that would have Beyonce weeping into her weave. Add to that a feisty DJ spinning a blend of storming pop, indie, dance and old skool R&B and I’d have stayed there all night if my ankle tag allowed me to. A fun, attitude-free vibe? Delicious food? Friendly bar staff with their tops on? Music loud enough to enjoy but not enough to deafen? It’s a gay bar Jim, but not as we know it.

    If you’d like to make use of the upstairs space, it’s popular for civil ceremonies, birthdays and private parties – and they won’t charge you for hire. Call 0207 737 3676 to enquire.

    40 Kemerton Road, Camberwell, SE5 9AR
    Words by Lee Dalloway
    Photos by