13/11/10: It has been far too long since we popped out to Tottyville (also known as West 5) in Ealing, so on Saturday night we kick-started our trusty Triumph and headed out to see old friends in the west where we found a full-on beach party in progress, and let me tell you there nothing better to get rid of the November chill than being greeted by a slim tattooed pierced hottie wearing nothing but Speedos and a smile! The front bar was in full swing with cutie Lee Reed tickling the ivories, while DJ Shaun played a climactic set of club tunes across the main bar and dance floor (complete with new laser) for the beach party extravaganza. The bar was decked out in seaside paraphernalia, there were grass skirts aplenty, delicious cheap cocktails and a couple of brave souls (almost) baring all. As always the crowd were a tasty mix of young cute suburban studs with a refreshingly inclusive feel for our lesbian sisters that made for a fabulous party atmosphere.

    Popes Lane, South Ealing, W5
    Words and photos by Chris Jepson


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