04/12/10: Where East London is literally dripping in smart, chic and cool venues and parties, you could be forgiven sometimes for thinking that there are no gays at all in the comparatively more upmarket west side of the city, if judging by the choice of avenues for homosexuals to go out to there. But at the superbly beautiful and stylish Supperclub near Ladbroke Grove, co-owner Paul is setting out to change that. He said to us that he knew there were a lot of gay people living in that side of the city and nothing to tempt them out of the house, so step forward TOY. Possibly one of the most exciting theme-based evenings to have hit London in a long time, TOY combined the fashionable edginess of a night like Circus with the laidback pleasure of relaxing in an elegant environment where everyone is genuinely smiling and friendly. Encouraged to dress up as toys so as to adhere to the dress code, the jostling crowd of hot-panted Action Men and drag-queen Barbie dolls milled around a central white catwalk stage whereupon several brilliant acts performed through the night, including an awe-inspiring acrobatic troupe delivering a violin version of ‘Smooth Criminal’ and an exotic fire-breather blowing fearsome flames over the guests’ gasping heads. If you live in West London then this is the night you have been waiting for, and if you don’t, then this is certainly the new night worth travelling for.

    The Supperclub, 12 Acklam Road, Notting Hill, W10 5QZ
    Words by Patrick Cash
    Photos by Chris Jepson