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The best gay dating apps

No matter what we pretend we like (yoga, Whole Foods, academia, Bjork) when it comes down to it, what most of us really like, is apps. Depressing as this factoid is, we each spend over 3000 hours a week on apps. That is unconfirmed, we pulled that figure out of thin air. But it’s probably true.

And with Valentine’s Day marching ever closer, DATING APPS are more pertinent than ever. So here’s our pick of the best gay apps, dating or otherwise. Because this is 2017, and we’re never going to beat the app. So if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!



This is a gay dating app that encourages users to BE THEMSELVES?! Imagine! Like, use your own picture and say your real age and everything. Weird. They’ve got a new “Mr Right” feature, that they say will help you find the perfect man! Aww.



Pretty much the undisputed daddy of dating apps. We’ve all heard of Grindr haven’t we! Even our mums have heard of Grindr by now. The cause of epic relationships, epic shags, emotional turmoil, 5am bus rides, AND THE REST. You do you Grindr. Ten points to Slytherin.



This, as the name suggests, is an app for daddies and their admirers! As we’ve said many times before, daddies are very IN right now. It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation! Or at least, sweeping a few square miles between Bethnal Green and Vauxhall. It offers free membership to anyone who identifies as a “daddy” or a “hunter”. Can’t say fairer than that!



The big beary weekly club night down by the Thames has its very own dating app! Yes! As well as meeting like-minded guys, download it to keep a-hairy-breast with all XXL-related goings-on, including DJ lineups, tickets and special one-off nights.



A cheekily unapologetic platform for sex and hooking up. They’ve got loads of extra features the others don’t, including a live cam chatroom, erotic stories and gay porn videos! Ooooh!



This slick dating app buzzed onto the scene a couple of years ago and has since given Grindr a bit of a run for its money. They’ve now just unveiled an update which includes Facebook-style social profiles, as well as a discover feature. Buzz over to the app store to find out more!



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