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The new year has arrived, and we are here for it. I am one of those guys who makes New Year’s resolutions hoping to get the most out of life. Now, as I am working at Esmale some resolutions are about gay sex toys and trying new poppers in the UK,  but those are hardly life-changing. I would call them enhancing. More about that later. In 2024 my biggest goal is to drink a bit less or at least try and remember the night before and I am going to look into volunteering. Aren’t I a good boy? Those who know me will answer that with a big NO! 

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Back to life-enhancing adult products.

Now, whilst I am working on life-changing resolution I will for sure find it easier to get some life-enhancing things achieved first. Since starting my job at Esmale I have found that “feeding” my body with the joy it craves gave me joy and helped me relax. It might sound a bit heavy, but it also improved my mental health. When coming home after a stressful day or situation I frequently take on some self-pleasure. This helps me put the day behind me and it relaxes me. This in addition to the fun a Fleshjack for example can give you. Personally, I like to use some room aromas as they make it that much more intense. For 2024 however, I have a different goal. I want to learn how to be a better bottom. I am vertical as they say it but mostly top. When it comes to bottoming, I am always worried about the initial pain it can cause so I often don’t do it whilst I do enjoy the sensation after the initial discomfort.

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So, on my wish list, this year are anal toys. But a brand creatively called Stretch. They go from small to massive. This way I can train myself to a level I become more of a yes-man when it comes to bottoming. I am looking forward to getting the practice in at home before setting up a play date!

More than just adult play

As you might have gathered, I am a bit fan of adult fun but another area I really need to improve is taking more pride in is my appearance. I am a “just throwing things on” and “this will do” kind of a guy. Even though it does not bother me, I do on occasion feel a bit like I should have made a bit more of an effort. This also translates to my underwear. It is not like I wear torn underwear, but I keep them long enough that the fit is no longer hugging my assets. Personally I love a guy in sexy well-fitting underwear so I should wear what I like to see on others. Some brands I love are Breedwell and Addicted underwear. Following through with this might not be life changing but it will make me feel better in a looking after myself kind of way. 

In addition to this, my aim is also to be a bit more daring. Like wearing a harness out to a club or finding the confidence to even take my shirt off. The funny thing is that I am OK with strutting my stuff in a jockstrap only when I am in a sauna or adult party but when I am out in a dance club, I weirdly feel less confident, even wearing a vest makes me feel a bit conscious. After a few months of working on my head-space, I am hoping that when the summer is here I will be all out in a sexy harness or even shirtless, eeeek! 

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Not all about me!

Apart from sharing my resolutions and insecurities, I am also writing this to encourage you to do the same. Why not use this year to find out what your body loves? Get yourself on the self-pleasuring train and once you get going, I am sure you won’t want to get off. For those that are already on it, put some extra fuel in the engine and really test your boundaries, Choo Choo!

Have an amazing 2024 whatever your journey! 

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With love,


Team esmale 



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