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Sex is in the air: can you feel it?

Spring is in the air, and the good weather seems to be approaching! We can smell it! The time is here again. Testosterone is rising, and we can feel the days of outdoor fun coming along. You know, when you are out and about having fun with mates but secretly on the lookout for some action with a bottle of UK poppers in your pocket! Or is that just me? I am not joking. Many a spring or summer night I have a bottle of Rush poppers on me just in case I meet some eye candy willing to put out. The sense of spring and summer really gives me the horn. 

Are you ready for it?

Coming out of winter hibernation always makes me realise I need to get ready for the season. You know, like they do in Bridgerton. But instead of promenading, we are strutting our stuff across Soho, Vauxhall, Canal Street or any other area in the UK where you know you are going to bump into some sexy men. When I say getting ready, I am referring to stocking up on some gay underwear, sexy vests, t-shirts and a pair of tight-fitting shorts. Ideally, I don’t want to wear the same as last year. To be honest, I would be surprised if last year’s gear fits me. I think I might have overdone the comfort food and snacks a little this winter.

Being a bit of a nymphomaniac, I also need to stock up on my adult essentials. I always have some Spunk lube in the house, and I just remembered that my anal douche needs replacing. Additionally, I always have some performance capsules in the house in case it is required. An evening around town, drinking and dancing can sometimes leave my manhood at 80%, so I have to give it a little boost. 


I used to be a big drinker, we would start at someone’s house to save money and then go to whatever was happening. Of course, QX magazine was always a great source of information to see what was on and where. Last year, I was getting a bit fed up with doing the walk of shame every Saturday and Sunday AM, so I started to curb my drinking a few months ago. This spring and summer will therefore be a bit different and I am slightly nervous about it. Will I still be “the fun” me, and will I still enjoy going out as much as I used to without a constant stream of beer and shots going down my throat? As you might have gathered, I love myself a hook-up and I am not ready to settle down yet and a guy has needs, right?! My last worry is whether will I still be confident enough to pick up men without the extra booze. I know I should not get my confidence from a bottle, but it did give me a more “I don’t give a fuck” attitude which I am sure resulted in more sex. I guess we will have to wait and see what the next few months bring and whether there is a need at all for me to bring out my trusted bottle of strong poppers


Whatever your spring and summer look like, go for it 100%. Laugh hard, party hard, be kind, love yourself, and look after yourself and others. I am particularly looking forward to Pride season and have got myself some tickets for Mighty Hoopla as well, it is all looking promising. Another thing I will do is go to the sauna. During spring and summer, you get many more visitors who are on holiday. Suddenly, you are surrounded by tall Dutchmen, Spanish hunks, Italian stallions, and much more tasty man meat from around the world. Bring it on, is what I say. 

I hope you have an amazing time and if you need to get some action gear, I hope you know where to go. In case you don’t I have listed some stores below so you can have a look. Guess what, as it happens, they have a big spring sale on so you can get ready for less!

I will let you know how I got on during or at the end of the summer!

For adult tools and gear shop here: 

For poppers, shop here: 

With love,

Ollie from team esmale!


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