Sex Circus

Next month, the Sex Circus rolls back into town! For those of you haven’t visited this big top yet, you’re in for a helluva treat: some of the capital’s sexiest fetish nights all come together under one roof for a single night of epic depravity!




It’s a horny blur of porn star performances, cruisey play rooms, and an unfeasibly hot crowd of up-for-it guys! It’s these sorts of cum-splattered, arse-grabbingly awesome extravaganzas that make London one of the horniest cities on earth. At least Vauxhall anyway. Shagging is to Vauxhall as fine dining is to Paris, or tacky décor is to Trump Tower.

Anyway, we spoke to Martin Rab, one of the main organisers, to see what plans they’ve got in their jockstraps for this mega-party…

Sex Circus is back at Fire! What’s new for 2017?

Well, we’ve got a whole lot of hot sexy new faces for this year’s party, including new DJ’s, gogo’s, and brand, spanking new porn stars. We’re pretty excited!

So what’s planned in each of the three rooms at Fire this year?

We want everyone to unleash their fantasies! We’ve got the Jamie HP locker room, where you can expect a maze of sweaty, steamy fun. The Sex Circus Main Room has Guest Dj Anthony May (WEparty), as well as the usual crazy circus freaks, sexy gogo boys and pornstars live on stage. And of course, there’s the Hard-On cruize maze, with its dirty beats and no-holds barred live fetish sex shows!

What was your favourite moment from 2016’s party?

So many to choose from, but it doesn’t get much better than rolling around in the ball pool of the puppy play area!

What can we expect from Allen King’s performance?

Allen’s performed twice before and he always puts on an incredibly sexy show. This time round, he’s got something extra-special planned with a special guest friend of his…we can’t say any more!

Have you got any more surprises planned?

Oh yes, plenty of surprises, but I can’t tell you what or they wouldn’t be surprises!

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of heading to the big top for the first time?

We promise that there’s going to be something for everyone, whether you’re vanilla or you love your fetishes, if you’re into bears or slings, whatever it is, we’ve got it, all under one roof, with a hungry, hot crowd!

Who would be your dream ringmaster for the Sex Circus?

For me, I would have to say Ricky Martin, just imagine him topless with a whip in his hand and those hips gyrating!


• SexCircus is on Saturday 18th March at Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT, 11pm-6am, Tickets available from