Watch Bradley from Bratavio’s mad new solo video!

He ain’t no side dish!

Bradley Hunt, the blonde twink from camp X Factor duo Bratavio, has a brand new song and video out, and it’s a kaleidoscopically garish romp in an American diner! If you were expecting sepia-toned landscapes and him looking forlornly into the middle-distance over a gentle, lulling guitar, well, you’re gonna be disappointed. However, if you want a colourful vomit of e-number heavy pop music, you’re in for a treat!

The song is called ‘Side Dish’ and is a rallying call against being a bit on the side in someone else’s relationship. “Years ago I was dating a model and I never knew he had a boyfriend. He then found out and I got the blame for everything!” He said on its release. “I made my song about food with hidden messages to make a bad time into a comical one. Hopefully others can relate too. Luckily now I have found the boy of my dreams!”


The video also stars super-creative East London club kids Santi Storm and Jason Summerfield, both decked out in typically fabulous get-ups. It also relives his feuds with former singing partner Ottavio and recruitment manager rapper Honey G (lol, what happened to her?). Watch all the action below!