Do It London, the fresh, modern new campaign against HIV

do it london

You might have already seen Do It London ’s eye-catchingly simple ads dotted throughout the capital at tube stations, street billboards, and social media. They’re an HIV prevention group operating in every London borough that aim to deliver clear information, as well as organising a free condom distribution scheme in gay clubs, bars, and pubs.

Their latest campaign is the first to offer four simple ways of preventing the spread of HIV all in one place, with the idea that everyone will be able to find a method that suits them. These are wearing condoms, getting tested regularly, taking PrEP, or reaching an undetectable viral load if you are already HIV-Positive. Their website ( is an easy-to-use resource with links for sexual health clinics, low-price condoms, info on where to get PrEP, and other useful information.

The campaign will run until early 2018 and comes after a previous two-year advertising run that focussed on rising levels of STIs and HIV. In that same time period, five of London’s sexual health clinics saw new HIV diagnoses decline by 40% . They hope to see similar levels of success with the new campaign.

Paul Steinberg, Lead Commissioner of the London HIV Prevention programme, said: “This new campaign is rooted in clear and emerging evidence that combination prevention is having a positive impact in reducing HIV transmission in London. Do It London has made a major contribution to the substantial increases in HIV testing in the city, with very positive consequences for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We are very pleased that this new campaign also publicises PrEP and undetectable status for the first time, as part of a combination of measures to prevent HIV. We are proud to support the NHS PrEP Impact Trial, as we build towards our strategic goal of eliminating onward transmission of the virus.”


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