A major new cocktail/dim sum bar is opening in Brixton

We love combinations! Combinations are the best! Beyonce & Shakira! Vodka and diet coke! Lube and condoms!

Also…cocktails and dim sum! Yes, there’s an exotic eatery slash cocktail joint opening in bustling Brixton. Well, technically it’s RE-opening.

Courtesan has always been well-known for discerning delectors of dim sum, but they’ve got a special relaunch later this month, with the introduction of burlesque, cabaret, DJs and all sorts of other nefarious, debauched activities.


So, debauchery, burlesque, cabaret, cocktails and dim sum. We feel like Lucy Liu would love this place. Has anyone got her number? We wanna invite her and get drunk with her and be her friend.

So sidle down to Brixton and breeze in to some burlesque and bao buns. Or dim sum with drag queens. Jazz with juniper gin. Sorry, we’re really into alliteration at the moment. In fact, you could say we’re all about alliteration.

Don’t miss their soft launch, which runs from Wednesday to Friday next week, and everything’s 20% off. Bring a prospective romantic partner and tittilate them with sensory delights. Or if that’s too complicated, just y’know, like…av a shot.

For more info, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @courtesandimsum