QX PREVIEW: PushTheButtonFestivalen

HRRRNNNK! Pop babes Push Button are throwing a scandi party!

Push The Button is a London queer night named after a Sugababes song. That, in itself, is iconic. Keisha Buchanan probably had a right chuckle when she heard about it. It was probably enough to make her put down the scissors she uses to cut Mutya’s face out of all their album artwork, and have a nice cup of tea.

The nefarious, nifty night is known for honouring a different artist or band each time – Britney! Girls Aloud! Carly Rae! Little Mix! One time they even did a Katy Perry night, for some reason.


This time around, it’s PushTheButtonFestivalen, an homage to annual Swedish europop extravaganza, Melodifestivalen! Every year, Melfest commandeers Scandinavian pop culture. It’s technically a pre-selection process to decide who gets to compete in Eurovision, but it’s so much more than that. They bloody love it!

There seems to be a certain Melodifestivalen UNIFORM. If you’re a boy, long-ish gelled hair, paired with grey jeans and a leather jacket and a winning smile, seems to be the way to go (Hey Eric Saade!) and if you’re a girl, it’s a sparkly dress with black heels. We’re not sure if there’s been a non-binary contestant yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

As well as a nod to Melodifestivalen, they’ll also be spinning all your Eurovision faves. Be a shady lady to Ani Lorak, or find your anti-crisis boy with Svetlana Loboda! Eurovision is still almost half a year away, but, y’know, who cares. This is 2018! Anything goes! Oh and OF COURSE there’ll be at least one go at Euphoria. HRRRRNNNK!

PLUS there’s gonna be lots of typical pop hits. Aqua! Gaga! Rihanna! All yer fuckin’ faves. But please, PLEASE…if they play ‘We Found Love’ don’t go “WHOOP WHOOP” in the chorus, because that’s just the naffest thing ever.

Push The Button: PushTheButtonFestivalen 2018 is this Friday 26th January at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. 9pm – 3am. £8 entry.