“Oh hey babez , Summertime Madness it is babez, issit babez, yes babez, where babez? Camden babez – Gonna be AMAZE babez!!!”


The above is a direct quote from the BABEZ – Summertime Madness event page, which gives you an idea of quite how mental this night is. The fact that it was started by Beary Carey this year, with a team consisting of origiBABEZ: the Un-Lucky Bitches, Dom Top and bin-bag goddess Lady Lloyd, should also give you a good idea of this how, well, mental it is.

Babez brings pop to Bloc Bar on Sat June 18th. They want to throw you the ultimate pop party, so if you’re sick of those lifeless beats and dreary drumbeats – this is the place, kids.


This coming instalment features some familiar scene faces, so here’s a quick Who’s Who (or should it be Who’s THAT?) of BABEZ – Summertime Madness:


Beary Carey 

As the name suggests, this hairy masc mary is a devoted follower of Mimi. Expect all manner of past and present pop treats from the big boss of BABEZ. And at least 13 Ariana Grande tracks.

Dom Top

Apparently a writer of some kind. Also part of an alleged “comedy group”. Loves pop, dance pop, Latin pop and R’N’B ANTHEMS. So listen out for Spanish language versions of Fifth Harmony singles on heavy rotation.

Lewis G Burton

Oh here she is. Gay London’s answer to Ursula the Sea Witch by way of Leigh Bowery, rocking up to the Bloc Bar with his makeup gun set to “WHORE” and a purse full of pop gems. Expect Hilary Duff and big looks.

Cain Jennings 

Super cute host Cain can be seen twirling around dancefloors across the city, and now he’s one of the BABEZ!

Smiley Vyrus 

London nightlife’s enfant terrible will be heading to Camden to unleash her brand of advanced slutticism on the dancefloor.


• BABEZ: Summertime Madness is on Saturday 18th June at Bloc Bar (18 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 9NX), 9pm-3am. £5


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