Jump Into Trough

There’s a new gay night in town! Our gay scene is constantly in flux, and it’s always an exciting moment when a new nightlife concept comes crashing in, spattering sequins and laced with lamé.

It’s like in science class when you used a pipette to drop food colouring into some water, and watched tendrils of entrancing colour spreading and melding, enriching their environs! Obscure reference? SO WHAT. We’re tired of referencing Sex & The City.

Anyway yes, new gay night! This one’s touching down courtesy of our sun-tanned, snake-avoiding pals from across the pond or rather, across thousands of miles of ocean, Australia! Yes, Trough kicked off in the artsily antipodean city of Melbourne, back when Dannii Minogue was still relevant (don’t worry Dannii, you’ll always be relevant in our hearts! And in our Spotify sex playlists!)


It’s called TROUGH, after the thing pigs eat out of. We’re not sure what that name is supposed to convey, but to US, it conveys wet n’ wild hedonism and outrageous abandon. Which sounds like our kinda night! We spoke to head Trough honcho Nik Dimopoulos to find out more.


Hey Nik! So you’re freshly over from Australia! How does the Australian gay scene compare to the British gay scene?

It’s interesting you ask that, because there’s a similar thing happening on both Sydney and London’s gay scenes. Both cities have been affected by the closure of many prominent clubs, as well as the rise of social media and hook-up apps. People now feel less of a need to go out clubbing to dance, meet and cruise and there are fewer venues to do it in. So the question remains, do we still need the gay dance club? I’ve been around long enough to experience the height of clubbing in both London and Melbourne/Sydney to say YES!

What kind of guys come to Trough?

As the promo reads: ‘TROUGH has amalgamated jocks, bears, hunks, queers, beards, twinks and in-betweeners into one pretty mess on the dance-floor.’ That’s the case in Australia anyway! I’m looking forward to seeing who flocks to London’s version. TROUGH is not strictly a fetish party but does attract people with a very open mind. Interpret that as you please.

Have you ever drank from a Trough?

Of course! I grew up in the suburbs in Melbourne, on a very big property that was like a miniature farm. There were sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and guinea pigs. So with a racing imagination like mine, I may have on a few occasions pretended I was just one of the (guinea) pigs.

If you could get ANY celebrity to DJ at Trough, who would it be?

Definitely NOT Paris Hilton. But I have booked my ultimate DJ hero Boris from Berlin as the main headliner. He may not be a ‘celebrity’ in the Hollywood sense and he may not have the long blonde locks but he can mix.

Do you think Melania Trump would like Trough?

LOL! I would much prefer Michelle to be the first lady of the TROUGH. Saying that, if Melania did manage to sneak through the security (cuz that’s the only way she is getting in) I’m sure she would get a full boner. But like all conservatives, she would completely deny it.

Tell us about your super-duper DJ lineup.

Well as I said there’s BORIS who’s one of Berghain’s resident DJs. He plays techno, deep house, dark disco and all sorts of butch beats. He’s also headlined at some of the biggest international annual gay fetish parties like SNAX (Berlin) and BLACK PARTY (New York) so he’s seen it all! BORIS will be supported by local DJS with a similar edge DIRTBOX DJS, ANDREW MOORE and fellow Berliner HANNO HINKELBEIN.

Finally…what can we expect in the future from Trough?

Well quite a lot if London and The Vaults will continue to have me. Let’s just get past this one first and see what the critics have to say. I’m ready!

• TROUGH is on Saturday 28th January at The Vaults, Leake Street Waterloo, SE1 7NN. 10:30pm – 4am.
• Tickets available at vaultfestival.com


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