Dua Lipa gets first UK number one, is queen of pop

Dua Lipa

Today in THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS IN THE WORLD, Dua Lipa has got her first UK number one, with bolschy flamingo flailing banger, New Rules!

She is the first female solo artist to achieve this since Adele in 2015.

In a battle not seen since the Helms Deep-esque mortal combat between Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Victoria Beckham back in 2001, she was up against an artist called Pink, who has a song called What About Us, which is derivative and basic.


New Rules, for those of you who have been living under a rock (or in Zone 3) for the last two months, is a defiant, bouncy pop banger about ignoring problematic men.

And the video had us SHOOKETH. It’s basically Dua flouncing around a Miami hotel in pastel colours and it is, possibly, the best pop video released since Britney’s Toxic (we know that’s a reach but we don’t care.)

We’ve loved Dua Lipa here at QX, ever since she FLOORED us with a killer set at Brighton Pride last year. We were drinking (obviously) and when she sung “Mwah” and said “finish your glass of wine”, we were actually finishing an actual glass of wine! Iconic.

Anyway yeah, Dua Lipa is amazing, a friend to QX, and we just love her. Congrats babe!

Read our interview with Dua here.

Watch the video for New Rules here.