Chappy becomes first gay app to alert users to screengrabs

“Screengrabbing” and “screenshotting” are words that we’ve only been using for a couple of years, but over those two years, the actual practice of doing it has probably caused more drama than Lindsay Lohan at a free bar.

There’s WAY too much drama on apps and social media at the moment. And people sneakily screengrabbing each other and sending it around is a big cause of that. So that’s why we think it’s GREAT that gay dating app Chappy have decided to introduce a new Screenshot Alert function.

It doesn’t prevent screenshots, but it does notify users when someone screenshots their messages. Not only that, the person DOING the screenshotting will be sent a privacy protection notification.

“It’s imperative we protect the integrity of our users and create a safer and increasingly respectful platform,” says Chappy co-founder Max Cheremkhin. “In addition to our current safety measures we hope Screenshot will encourage user accountability and help make Chappy users feel safer, as we continue to build a transparent community.”


Quite right. Well done boys! For more info and to download the app, head to their website.

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