Ask Bianca – Drag Race’s Queen of Mean Solves Your Dating Dilemmas!

She’s been called “the Joan Rivers of drag”, “a clown in a gown” and “a hateful cunt”. But we just call her Bianca Del Rio, the winner of a little-known show called RuPaul’s Drag Race and QX’s new resident agony aunt.

Bianca’s taking time out of her busy scheduling writing her book and preparing to bring her new show Blame It On Bianca to the UK in July to sit down and answer YOUR problems.

Until she sells enough tickets for her London show that is – 27th July, Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, get your tickets now, etc.

So here she is, the self-proclaimed expert of nothing with an opinion on everything. Strap yourself in, because if someone’s turning to Bianca Del Rio for advice, you know they gotta be desperate…


Dear Bianca. My boyfriend and I moved in together last year. It was going well until, urm, I saw his internet search history. Turns out when I’m not in, he watches a lot of porn – and I mean, A LOT judging by how many sites he’s been going on. Some of it is quite extreme, some of it is straight. It’s really upset me. Does it mean he doesn’t want me anymore? What can I do? From Andy.

Well first of all, don’t go looking because you’ll find something. Seriously though, if you go looking through someone’s phone you’re going to find something that they possibly can’t explain. If you go through my phone right now, you’ll see endless streams of the most horrific pornographic photos or the most racist jokes, or anything that I’ve sent to my friends going ‘he he he he he’. Now, when I die, they’ll probably publish that and go, ‘What a cunt.’

Maybe you need to have a conversation. Is it kinky sex he’s watching? If he’s ever asked if he can put a fist in your ass and you’ve been like ‘No!’ then yeah, he’s going to go and find it online.

I’d never asked to put my fist in someone’s ass, because it’s all fun and games until you get a knuckle full of pudding.

Have the conversation, but remember it’s just porn. Are you not having sex? Maybe that’s the information I need from you. Are you not having sex and your boyfriend is just watching porn? Maybe it’s because you’re ugly. You’re going to die eventually anyway. And you’ll die ugly.

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