X-it Hair Removal

X-it Hair Removal

Get that fluff removed for summer with X-it Hair Removal!

Summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Well, it’s not. But us Londoners like to pretend it’s Summer after the smallest hint of sunshine, and there’s been a distinct glow in the air recently hasn’t there!

So it’s time to get primped and preened! Well you don’t HAVE to. There’s nothing wrong with being a hairier gentleman. But we also know lots of you gays love a wax sesh too. Back, sack and crack, innit girl.

We had a chat to our pal Tracy who runs X-it Hair Removal, a body hair removal studio situation conveniently in Soho. X-CELLENT.


Hey Tracy! Why do you think you’re so popular with the gays?

Gays like quality it’s as simple as that. Quality service, environment, treatment with fun thrown in.

Back, sack or crack?
It’s entirely up to the individual, we make you look like you never had hair there. It’s always blended and looks good no matter what body part you go for.

We’ve heard waxing can be quite painful…can we get drunk beforehand?

It can be painful particularly if it’s your first time or if you have spent time shaving but we work in such a way we limit the pain and get you to relax. Best not to be drunk, but if I like the look of you I may offer you a shot.

Do you play Commander by Kelly Rowland while people are getting waxed?

Music? Commander? You can request what you want, love. I’ve got Spotify.

Have you ever had a #Waxparty?

Plenty of parties, but not in the treatment room.

Would you wax Donald Trump’s toupee?

Yes! I hope he pays me shitloads too.

What sets you apart from other wax clinics in London?

What sets us apart? Easy! We don’t wax, we sugar! We were born out of a male gay client base. We are a family business. Sean and I are married, and we own and work this baby. Above all, we love what we do.

Finally, tell us what amazing treatments you do.

We simply remove body hair with sugar. Nothing more nothing less, from your facial hair to your toes. We’re not really a salon, more of a studio. We’re specialists.

• X-it is at 47 Rupert Street, W1D 7PE. To book an appointment, call 020 7287 7979