LGBT gay wedding venue

Get hitched in a Glittering Wonderland!

Nestled in the idyllic village of Berriew in mid-Wales, The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture is filled with artist Andrew Logan’s world-renowned mirrored artworks....
LordHair hair replacement system wig

Getting it wet

Hair systems are continuing to become the most popular non-invasive option for hair loss. As the weather becomes warmer, so do our bodies. QX had...

Swim with an undetectable hair system! WOW! (sponsored post)

LordHair produces a range of authentic looking hair systems that provide a simple solution to hair loss. For some gay men hair loss is...
wigs hair loss lordhair

A simple solution to hair loss

For some people, hair loss can be very distressing, especially when the hair loss happens at a relatively young age. We wanted to know...
LordHair hair replacement system wig

Before And After Hair Replacement System – WOW It’s A Wig! (LordHair sponsored content)

Hair replacement systems with LordHair. A brief history of wigs and a Lord Hair video tutorial on how to attach a the LordHair hair...

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